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The world as seen by scientists and researchers is incredibly fascinating, yet it remains a mystery to many. We want to change that! That's why we created a database of hundreds of images that you can print yourself (or take to your local print shop) and hang as a poster or picture. Each image is available in very high resolution to ensure the highest quality details even in prints exceeding 100cm.

Inspired by science

Amazing Discoveries

We live in a time of new technologies and constant scientific development. Today, we can see things that we had no idea about 50 years ago, and what was once invisible can now be observed in incredible detail. In the micro world, we can observe individual genes in DNA, and on a cosmic scale, we can observe new galaxies that we had no idea about and that amaze us with their beauty.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring people closer to this invisible world that surrounds us every day. What was once only visible in science-fiction movies, now exists in macro photography, microscopy, and astrophotography.

Expanding knowledge

Popular Science Articles

We also want to expand people's knowledge about the world around us. That's why we publish articles on various topics in the field of popular science. It's worth learning about the history of the microscope, whose beginnings can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Microscopes are fascinating constructions that differ depending on the type of microscope. We encourage you to read our articles and broaden your knowledge.

Promoting Science

Our goal is to inspire and educate by providing valuable content that promotes knowledge in various fields of science. Each article is carefully crafted to be accessible and engaging for readers of all ages. Join us and explore the fascinating world of science with Artomyst!

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Far space - nebulae, galaxies Far space - nebulae, galaxies

Far space - nebulae, galaxies

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